Art exhibitions in the Moco Museum

If you’re a fan of art and you want to see some different art exhibitions, you should visit the Moco Museum in Amsterdam. They also have a location in Barcelona which has different exhibitions, so once you decide to visit one of them and you like what you see and experience there, maybe the next holiday you go on will be a trip to one of these cities to visit one of the two locations. But what should you expect once you go there?


One of the few art exhibitions they have for you is the one made by an international contemporary artist called ‘THE KID’. It’s the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands done by THE KID. Moco Museum themselves describe it as: “An exhibition that will push boundaries, wake up humanity and shake up Museum Square in Amsterdam.” The name of the exhibition is ‘The Future is Old’, the exhibition includes subjects such as: mass shootings, institutionalized racism and a lot more. Very important subjects in the times we live in right now. He shows this through the use of life-size sculptures, and bigger-than-life portraits.

Studio Irma

The exhibition by Studio Irma in collaboration with Moco Museum is called: ‘Reflecting Forward’. It’s a digital exhibition that shows many ways of what the future could look like. The Amsterdam Art Museum and Studio Irma have introduced a new art movement through this project. They use the title of the exhibition and the new art movement together in the following sentence: “We are ‘Reflecting Forward’ in search of ‘connectivism’.” Connectivism is the art movement they are introducing through this exhibition. Through this project the Moco Museum is also trying to show their support towards women in the art business.

Moco Garden

The Moco garden is a permanent exhibition in the Moco Museum. It’s the garden of the museum that is filled with fun and surprising things that get your attention once you spot them. They talk about a red ‘Gummy Bear’ in their front yard, that sounds intriguing doesn’t it? They have included some of the artists that are the makers of some of their exhibitions in their garden as well. For example they have the artist ‘Banksy’ who did an exhibition and has a piece in the garden called ‘Heart Boy’. If this all seems interesting to you, make sure to check it out once you’re in Amsterdam. You will not regret it for sure!