Metatarsus Adductus in infants

Metatarsus Adductus in Babies

Metatarsus Adductus, also known as Pigeon Toed is the most common deformity in newborns.

5% – 7% of infants are born with this malformation every year, we are talking here about some massive numbers, millions of babies.


Many cases of MA are not diagnosed in the hospitals by the Physicians that are responsible for it.


This is a well-known problem in the pediatric world because most cases of Pigeon Toed are mild cases 85% of them are self-corrected.


However, no one can know which of these cases will correct itself and which will not.


The modern and severe cases are usually treated by casting or by stretching exercises and orthopedic brace.


The best treatment option today is the UNFO brace which is well documented in the medical world.


Dozen of clinical research articles were published about the UNFO brace in the world’s leading medical journals.


The UNFO method is used by the world’s top pediatrics in the world today like Prof. John Herzenberg in his clinic in the Mount Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, MD.


The biggest problem in the world today as we mentioned is that this deformity often is not diagnosed in the hospitals when the child is born.


The awareness of MA is low among the physicians and of course among the parents as well.


There are approximately 130 million births each year, around 10 million infants are born with MA.


There are 3 levels of severities:


1. Mild severity- 85% of cases are self-corrected, 15% are not.

2. Modern severity- 40% are self-corrected.

3. Severy severity – none self-corrected!


Even though 85% of mild cases are self-corrected, they need to all get medical treatment, because otherwise, it’s just a gamble.


The pediatrics shouldn’t gamble on the babies feet and they need to treat them all with the proper treatment:


2 primary optional treatments today:


There are two main options of treatment today-

1. Serial casting.

2. The UNFO brace.

Both treating methods work fine.

Serial casting is an antique method that has been used to treat metatarsus adductus in the past 200 years by the whole medical world.


The UNFO brace is a new revolutionary treatment method that was invented by Dr. Izak Daizade, a well-known Israel Orthopedic Surgeon in the world.


The UNFO is the most popular treating method in Israel since 2017 and has a lot of clinics around the world in the biggest hospitals in the world.


Hospitals such as “The Great Ormond hospital of children” of NHS in London.


The Mount Sinai hospital in Baltimore, MD that Dr. John Herzenberg runs there is the pediatric department.


The conclusion of this article is simple:


All infants that are born with Metatarsus Adductus should be diagnosed and should be treated 100% without any exception in mild cases, modern and severe cases.


They all should get the proper treatment and not gamble about the infant’s feet.


Non-treatment can lead to serious damage in childhood and in adulthood as well.


Please diagnose all the kids that are born with mt and treat them.